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The (de)evolution of farming

The ultimate agriculture

Here’s an article about the next thing better than organic farming — “veganic farming.”

Ever notice how we’re never satisfied? For a while we have the answers. Then it’s just not good enough anymore. Something better is needed. This is what I thought about as I was reading this article about veganic farming.

Much like certified organic farmers, veganic farmers use no synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified ingredients. Veganic farmers take it to another level by not using any manures or slaughterhouse byproducts. They don’t even use organically approved pesticides.

So now some folks living out there on the bleeding edge have decided to take it one step further. Call it “beyond organic.” Can you see where we’re going with all this? Let me spell it out for you…

Conventional farming (chemicals will solve out problems)

Sustainable farming (fewer chemicals = less harm)

Organic farming (no chemicals, only natural inputs)

Veganic farming (fewer natural inputs = more purity)

What’s the next step? How about…

Hunting and gathering (no inputs, totally natural, lots of exercise)

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Start farming organic now

Visit the CFRA site!

From CFRA’s June ’08 newletter

“The difference between conventional and organic production is all about how products are raised. Section 205.202 of the National Organic Program rule states that no prohibited substances can be applied to land for a period of three years preceding the harvest of the crop. So, document when the last prohibited substance was applied, add 36 months, and this is your first opportunity to sell organic products.”

It’s as simple as that.

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Live the dream

farm dreamer (TLC)

The Land Connect and Illinois Extension do a great job planning the Central Illinois Farm Dreams workshops. The 2008 workshops are now scheduled. For more information, or to register, visit the website or contact The Land Connection — 847/570-0701. These are for people serious about organic farming. Very practical information shared by real farmers.

In the Farm Dreams workshops, you will:

  • be introduced to farmers doing various types of farm businesses, and to existing farmer training opportunities
  • do self-assessment exercises to determine your need for, e.g. resources for land, capital, training, and markets
  • identify next steps in pursuing your farming goals
  • leave Farm Dreams with a clear idea about what is possible and what the risks are, so that you are better prepared to decide whether a farming business is the right fit for you at this time

Each interactive workshop is 4 hours long, includes a light supper, and costs $30.

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