More good stuff happening in illinois

image from TSF website

image from TSF website

Great NYT feature on an interesting Illinois farm…

The Spence Farm near Fairbury. Just one more example of the new face of agriculture — one that feeds people, not international corporate food processing conglomerates.

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One response to “More good stuff happening in illinois

  1. Julie Atwell

    Dan – Hi. I have been meaning to pass this along for a while and am just getting to it. Rachel might have mentioned the resource that we use for our organically grown vegetables. Peggy Hanson is the owner and operator of Indian Trail Farm. She is 91 years old – communicates via email on produce availability; takes orders via email; plants, maintains and harvests crops; and has her own website. An inspiration to me.
    Here is her website:

    Thought you might enjoy reading about her. She also grows Christmas trees.

    Julie Atwell

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