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Results of the USDA organic survey

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Here are some highlights from the just released 2008 USDA Organic Survey

  • There are organic farms in all 50 states.
  • 14,540 total certified organic farms in the US (20% of those are in CA).
  • 4.1 million acres farmed organically, nation-wide.
  • $3.16 billion in organic sales (2008).
  • $217,675 average sales/organic farm (all US farm average — $134,807).
  • $171,978 average expenditures/ organic farm (all US farm average — $109,359).
  • 78% surveyed say they plan to maintain or expand their organic acres.

Read more HERE.

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Eat organic for weight loss

This is an interesting article from American Feast. Makes sense when you think about it…

The ancient wisdom of mankind says you should eat until you are satisfied, and these foods simply don’t satisfy us. Add to that the chemicals added to the so-called value-added foods which are put there to replace the natural goodness that has been lost and you have a real problem.

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Off-grid paradise

This is what freedom looks like.

You hear more and more about families doing this type of thing. Alternatives are possible. You just have to think differently…

Great video from Karma Tube

And for more info on this interesting family and their urban homestead, go HERE.

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