Brazil Day 2 — FAF invaded by yet more students!

buds in brazil

Some of us rose early and went for a run, but most of the group slept in to catch up on rest from the two day travel marathon.
Breakfast was light and wonderful. The food all day was splendid.

major food prep activity

After breakfast we hung out and waited for our visitors. The two groups eventually showed up. One group consisted of MBA students
from The Ohio State University. They were joined by a few students and one faculty from Escola Superior de Agricultura Luis
Queroz, University Sao Paulo in Piracicaba. There was another group of 12 Brazilian students plus faculty from Universidade Estadual Paolista. This made for a large, somewhat rowdy, but thoroughly enjoyable group for the next couple days. We all went on the Wolf Trail tour, Jao Neto spoke elegantly about growing happy coffee. It started raining, then pouring. We were all soaked, but happy for the farm that greatly needed  the moisture for the coffee and newly planted forest trees.

the illustrious Jason Barton in deep discussion, as usual.

After lunch, we all piled into vans and trucks with 500 trees and digging tools. It took us less than an hour to get the native rain forest
tree seedlings planted. A local non-profit — Olho d’Agua — visits the trees every day to protect them from the ants. This will greatly improve their survival rate.

illinois meet brazil

Highlight of the day: PIZZA PARTY. It was pizza madness, really. Pizzas everywhere. All different, all good. Creative pizzas, bland pizzas, baked in the wood-fired stove, free samples all around, laughter, music, illinois/brazil bonds forming into what will surely become lifelong, Facebook friendships.

the end of another good day.

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One response to “Brazil Day 2 — FAF invaded by yet more students!

  1. Kellie

    It would take so little to do so much to nourish this garden of mine…

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