Brazil Day 3 — Goodbye to our new brazilian friends

Kim-Chuck and Rachel

I’m behind with the blog because the Internet connection went down and stayed down for a couple days. We were totally isolated, and it wouldn’t have been an issue, but I was worried about Mo, who I thought might be trying to arrange another flight to join us still. Finally reached her to find out there were no flights and she was still sore from the surgery, and so she has already started looking forward to next year.

With breakfast and the Bom Dia circle, rumors began to circulate of late night fun had by the Illinois and Brazil students once they finally got off by themselves. Music and dancing. How they bonded.

Caio Martin Torres, aka, "The Prince of Brazil"

We said good bye to the Brazil students today, but before they left we took a long, meandering walk back to the Atlantic Rain forest with stops at the gigantic ficus tree, insightful dissertations from Joao Neto, swimming, etc. When it was finally time to say goodbye everyone exchanged facebook, emails and fervent promises to stay in touch.

Joao Pereira Lima Neto

Lunch, then it was off to bird watching with Fabiola and two local expert bird watchers. Fun, but more of a walk in the woods than actual bird watching. Way too much talking and laughing. That kind of behavior tends to frighten birds, causing them to flee, which defeats the purpose of bird watching.

Dinner, a reverent listening to Bob Dylan’s 7-minute poem for Woody Guthrie, a great bird discussion with Fabiola to prep us for early morning bird watching tomorrow, summed up the evening. Another full and great day. What a great group of students we have here. Each one is delightful, always helpful, always eager for the next new experience.


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2 responses to “Brazil Day 3 — Goodbye to our new brazilian friends

  1. erin!

    RACHEL! put some pants on..this is a family blog.

  2. Kellie

    Thank you for the drink of water — I feel much better. Love, Your organically grown wife.

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