Brazil Day 4 — the land under the rainbow

Super early morning looking for birds. Morning is the best here. The birds are everywhere and loud with their heavenly singing. Every morning I awake to the hum of a zillion bees high up in flowering tree over my cabin. Golden morning sunlight washes over the green landscape. Many, many birds to see this morning, but I’m dragging 30 minutes later and decide to go back to bed for awhile. It was a good move.

semi-professional cheese makers

Cheese making 101. We donned the hairnets and aprons and learned the fundamentals of the craft from Marqunios. The students seemed to like the hands on experience.

check your cheese

Spent time with Tracy and OG setting up the water project. Bruno and Marqunois helped. M had maps and other valuable info we needed to map our strategy.

After another spectacular lunch (really, the food is ridiculously good, every meal) I worked with Julie and Lauren to set up the soils project. Both water and soil will start tomorrow. Social surveys have begun. Birds are finished, but Rachel S. and EmJ have to write stuff up. We found some drums in the basement of the main house. Bruno and I banged around on them for awhile and later played guitar and conga in the lounge. Silvia invited her friend Silvia from Mococa to the farm to lead a session of yoga. Most of us joined in. After dinner, we watched the movie FRESH. It was excellent and really got us talking. Highly recommended.


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2 responses to “Brazil Day 4 — the land under the rainbow

  1. Kirky Stevens

    We are really enjoying the daily updates!
    What a fabulous adventure…sending good intentions to you all !
    lots of love to KKS
    The Stevens family
    thanks to all you that helped make this happen:)

  2. Tomas

    what a great view, very auspicious rainbow, thanks for the blog

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