Brazil Day 8 — planting trees

Mo, we are thinking about you today.

We finished our data collection it feels good to get that done. I am so proud of how everyone pitched in and got the work done. Right before lunch we planted tree. We did this last year. The farmer workers made signs with our names and the name of the tree each of us were to plant. Jason, Rachel and I looked at the trees we planted last year, Ours and many of the others from last year were growing strong. It is great to have this lasting connection to the farm. Now this year our students all planted avocado trees. We planted a whole little avocado grove. Again, the farm workers made us signs, so these students now have a lasting connection with the farm. Maybe someday some of them will return and visit their trees. And we planted a tree for you Mo. Hopefully, you will get to come next year and see your tree!

Mo's tree

After the trees, we did something really cool — we squeezed sugar cane and drank the juice. In Brazil it’s called, caldo de cana. Here’s how it works: first, you find some strong, young people to act like an ox…

young strong ox's

Next, insert fresh-cut sugar cane into the awesome squeezing contraption…

awesome squeezing contraption

…while catching, the juice. Next, drink the delicious caldo de cana mixed with lime juice, like these lucky caldo de cana drinkers…

loving that caldo de cana


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4 responses to “Brazil Day 8 — planting trees

  1. J

    D, sounding like a great trip. good stuff……J

  2. Tim

    Wish I were there…

  3. Hi Dan, I’m an American living in Brasil and I’m very interested in hosting some interns this summer on our organic farm. Can you tell me more about your program?

    Glad you’re having a good trip.

    • Bruno Andrade

      Where are you located? I went on the trip to FAF assisting with translation. I have a great interest in organic farming and am trying to experience as much as possible here in Brazil. Shoot me an email, lets chat.

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