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Organic corn and soybeans

I have not posted lately. Laziness and busy-ness have conspired against it. I’m involved in so much more field research than in the past. Extreme heat has forced us to start work at 6:00 a.m. All the field time really cuts into my blogging, but now things are somewhat caught up. I visited a new organic farmer yesterday. What I saw was nothing short of amazing. Look at the picture below…

Organic field corn -- GMO field corn -- organic blue corn.

According to the farmer, the ear on the far left was picked from his organic field. The ear on the far right is from his organic blue corn field. The ear in the middle is from  a neighboring conventional field, a GMO variety. Judge for yourself.

Then there are the soybeans…


This guy is about 6 feet tall. Those are some tall beans, loaded with pods all the way down to the ground.

The conventional beans across the fence?…

Less tall beans

Can’t wait to see what the yield difference might be. Plus he already has the organic corn and beans sold for a very good premium. Hmmm…

Anecdotal evidence that organic just might work.

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