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The promise of ecological farming

farming's bright future

According to Reuters, a  recent U.N. report claims that ag production could be doubled within 10 years if farmers switched to ecological farming practices, especially in developing countries…

So far, eco-farming projects in 57 nations had shown average crop yield gains of 80 percent by tapping natural methods for enhancing soil and protecting against pests, it said.

Recent projects in 20 African countries had resulted in a doubling of crop yields within three to 10 years. Those lessons could be widely mimicked elsewhere, it said.

“Sound ecological farming can significantly boost production and in the long term be more effective than conventional farming,” De Schutter told Reuters of steps such as more use of natural compost or high-canopy trees to shade coffee groves.

Typically, ecological farming requires less technology, so adoption would be easier for low-income farmers in developing regions. It’s a long-term strategy for sustainable growth —  build up production and the health of the soil at the same time.


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Regular organic news available from the NOP

uncle sam gardens

Uncle Sam says, "garden organically, and here are the rules."

You have to wonder sometimes. What were people thinking when they asked the USDA to take over organic. Government involvement doesn’t usually mean efficiency or proficiency, but it is what it is. At least the National Organic Program is fairly straight-forward with the information, now offering a regular email newsletter with the latest updates on various rules and initiatives related to the constantly changing world of organic.

You can sign up for it HERE.

Once you do, you’ll start receiving these really archaic and confusing emails that contain the link to the NOP Organic Insider newsletter page.

You’re welcome.



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