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Organic truths

Here’s a good summation of research-based information supporting the many benefits of organic food and farming. It’s called Core Truths and is put out by The Organic Center. Their site is full of excellent information.

I’ve been swamped with field work, thus the dearth of blog entries. In Illinois we’ve had a very difficult Spring for farming, frustrating for farm research, as well. Hope to get into a more regular blogging rhythm soon.

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book: core truths

Core Truths is a ground breaking compilation of  the most current research on organic agriculture.  This highly readable and graphically stunning 108-page coffee table book documents the verifiable health and environmental benefits of organic products Core Truths includes fascinating research about why:

* Organic often tastes better
* Organic produce contains, on average, 30 percent higher levels of antioxidants
* Organic farming can cut mycotoxin risk by over 50 percent
* Organic food dramatically reduces pesticide exposure
* Organic farms typically use less energy

Order your copy now! Only $30 (plus $5 shipping and handling in US). Click here for a preview of the book. Click here to order.

The Organic Center
P.O. Box 20513 Boulder, CO USA 80308
tel 303.499.1840 fax 419.858.1042

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